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Schnitz Racing


Vol. 3, Issue 28

Person of the Week: Mark Bethune
By Keith S. Kizer

Born December 4, 1974 in New Orleans, Louisiana, Mark Linden Bethune used to ride his Suzuki DS80 to the mall, around the neighborhood, and anywhere where there was an available piece of real estate to ride on. His dirt bike was his only mode of transportation, and he used it like a car. Mark would ride on the street, sidewalk, peopleís yards - whatever it took to make the ten-minute ride to the mall. He would also ride to places he was both allowed and not allowed. But hey, he who is not guilty of riding illegally on the road as a kid can cast the first stone. Markís racing as a youngster was in the form of racing the neighborhood kids on makeshift race tracks, whether it be on foot, skateboards, bicycles or motorcycles for those fortunate enough to compete in the motorized competition which consisted of two, three and four wheel dirt bikes.

After high school Mark moved to Alabama to attend Tuskegee University where he earned a degree in animal science with a minor in horticulture, both of which are passions of his. Motorcycles, however, had made such an impact in his life that he pursued them as a career. While in college Mark progressed from dirt bikes to various street bikes but it wasnít until he purchased his ZX-9R Kawasaki that the thought of racing truly entered his mind. Mark and his friends would ride to the local drag strip and spectate. Trips to the track became routine which led Mark to emulating what he saw on the track to practicing on the street. Eventually he starting entering tune and test nights at the track and honed his skills as a drag racer.

After college Mark made the decision to pursue a career in motorcycling. He moved to Cincinnati, Ohio to search for a prime location to set up a drag racing business. Mark was under the impression that there would be a growing desire for drag racing in the Midwest but found the market to not be good enough to start a business there. The cold months didnít help with the direction he thought his shop needed to go. He loved the South and eventually moved back to Montgomery, Alabama.

While living in Cincinnati Mark met Lauren Jackson through a local motorcycle club that they each belong to. Her interest in motorcycles is almost as serious as Markís. The couple has been inseparable since meeting and have just celebrated the birth of their third child.

Once back in Montgomery, Mark finally opened the shop he had dreamed of, Game Over Powersports. In addition to drag racing, Mark got involved in stunt riding and became known as the man on one wheel in Montgomery. In his spare time he teaches drag racing and stunt riding and frequently performs shows at Montgomery Motorsports Park.

Now that Mark has three children of his own he canít wait to get all three of them riding their own dirt bikes. With both mom and dad being avid motorcyclist and drag racers there is no doubt one, if not all three, have a future in drag racing.

Other Areas of Interest

Residence: Montgomery, AL

Spouse: Lauren Jackson

Children: Dillon (6), Angelina (11 months) & Leah (2 weeks).

Occupation: Owner and Operator of Game Over Powersports

Home track: Montgomery Motorsports Park, Montgomery, AL

Accomplishments: Entered many bike classes at various drag strips, and collected trophies over the years. I also have a show bike that has won many trophies and recognition.

Goals: To continually improve in the drag racing sport while being able to compete in many different classes. Expand my motorcycle business and to become the leading customizing and drag bike builder in the area, and to provide accessories and products for street bikes.

History of racing bikes and classes: Street E.T., 5.90 & Street Bike Shootouts.

Current race bike / class: 2005 GSXR-1000, 2007 GSXR-1000 (Drag bike and Show Bike) & 2009 GSXR-1300 Hayabusa, Short Wheel Base

Interest outside of racing: Shooting Pool, Hunting, Fishing

Daily driver: Ford F-150

First motorcycle: Suzuki DS80

If you are interested in being featured as person of the week, contact Keith Kizer


Schnitz Motorsports Inc. - 222 N 3rd St - Decatur, In 46733 - 260.728.9457